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​Continuous dialogue on hygienic design with facility service companies including ISS and Food Safe as well as detergent suppliers such as NOVADAN and Ecolab is taking place. At Sanitube we care to listen to such experience even if it will cost us time and money to improve and change design and manufacturing accordingly. We are in fact pleased to admit that each of the above mentioned have had an influence on what Sanitube modules are like today. For instance the easy cleaning of the Sanitube itself has been targeted.

The hygienic design expresses itself on the interior with large smooth surfaces with less dirt and bacteria traps and hazards due to less bends, folds and corners. On the exterior, around and beneath the machine the same advantages come into force due to the self supporting closed and circular casting of the tube. Even when standing upright personnel will be able to see and clean floors directly beneath the centre of a Sanitube wash module with its rounded design.

The Sanitube is of course fully able to withstand both heat and chemicals used in the washing process as well as during cleaning the machine itself. In respect of stainless steel parts we go from grade 304 to 316 when required to meet project demands.


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