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​Sanitube installations are designed to conserve resources such as electricity, heat, water and detergent during operation.

The above mentioned are resources we should indeed not compromise but yet another resource and perhaps the most important one isthe human resource…people! As we take care of our environment we should also take care of each other.

A healthy working environment for those manufacturing Sanitube modules and for those working around the modules when in operation has been taken seriously into account. For instance stainless steel welding causing hazardous fume emission has been reduced by 90%. And noise emission from a wash tunnel in operation has been reduced by 50% to create aless stressful working environment which is also a safer working environment!

As an example of energy conservation Sanitube has a solid wall shell - the large diameter tube - containing the process of warm water (45 - 48° C) washing. Thermal conductivity through Sanitube is 0.04 W/(m*K) and 16.0 W/(m*K) through stainless steel as used for traditional washers. Accredited methods taken into account and calculations based on the fact that Sanitube tank and tunnel walls are 10 millimetres thick compared to steel plates of just few millimetres, heat radiation loss via Sanitube walls will be 99 % less.

Many traditional washers are unintendedly performing as large radiators which is what a washer becomes when installed in an environment with temperatures lower than wash water temperature, typically 40 - 85° C. Some washers are installed where temperatures are significantly lower than normal room temperature and where gates of such premises are often open to outside temperatures and draught to provide access for trucks and fork lifts.

Another factor to be taken into account and one becoming increasingly important is the noise level which a machine produces. To provide a better and less stressful environment for those working in proximity of industrial machinery Sanitube modules are designed for minimal noise emission. A less stressful working environment is also a safer working environment with less risk of sudden potentially dangerous moves and actions caused by worker distress. Water spray from nozzles onto a wash item creates a continuous drumming noise. Water spray ricocheting further onto the inside tunnel wall does the same if this is not a solid wall not vibrating along with what goes on inside the washer. Sanitube washer and dryer walls are 10 millimetres thick and from non-vibratingsound absorbing material. Doors hinged onto the side of the washer and dryer tunnel are the same. Doors or top lift tunnels rest onto tight seals to prevent water, heat and noise from escaping. The cylinder shape of a tube also provide noise reduction in itself as its rounded shape does not reflect and transmit sound waves as would a “metal box”.

Acoustics are very different with the Sanitube.


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