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Washers and spin dryers... patent pending and patented!

​The original "Sanitube", the "Sanitop" on traditional stainless steel tanks and now the "High Gene" version where not only the top lifts to give tunnel access, but also the drain deck raises for all around tank inspection and time/efficient food/safe cleaning of tanks, suh modules offering…

  • Competitive pricing due to less components and manufacturing processes... one tube versus many sheet metal pieces. Steel plates and the welding of these have been reduced by more than 90% on a Sanitube wash module. The tube and its cylinder shape we exploit for housing both wash tunnel and tank in one structure.

  • Heat loss from radiation to surroundings reduced by more than 90% deploying a 10 millimetre solid wall tube for both tunnel and tank to optimize running costs. Surface transmission area of a Sanitube module is only minimal due to its circular shape. Customers save money while cutting company CO2 emission in acting to prevent further climate impact.​

  • Noise emission from a Sanitube washer is reduced by 50% to provide a healthier and safer working environment. Washer and dryer walls are made from non-vibrating sound absorbing material. This works for silencing high pressure water spray onto wash items or directly onto inside tunnel walls as wash items pass by different sets of nozzles.

  • Hygienic design for maximum food safety with easier, faster, time- and money saving, yet still better cleaning of machinery. Interior with large smooth surfaces with less dirt and bacteria traps and hazards due to less bends, folds and corners. Exterior, around and beneath the machine the same advantages come in to force due to the self supporting circular casting of a tube. Even standing upright besides ​a Sanitube personnel will be able to see and clean beneath the centre of the machine.

  • Our tubes (tunnels and tanks) are significantly more resistant to chemicals and cleaning agents in use than traditional stainless steel machines.

  • Top lift tunnels allow for easy access alongside the machine... by the simple press of a button, so when the top is up you have all interior components such as conveyors, spray bars and nozzles presented to you - within sight and reach without stairs and walkways - in the most optimal way.​ And to top it off... room light transparency through entire tops (and tanks) will brighten and lighten up conditions under which to see and inspect inside tunnels (and tanks). You have to see it!

Sanitube modules are designed for LEAN manufacturing and for the highest possible degree of customer friendliness.​​

The "Reflexing" Single Spinner System and the "Overlapping" Serial Spinner System - engage one or more lines, each line consisting of one or more spinners for individual crates (unstacked/usorted), to overcome all crate types and capacities while offering...​

  • Advantages of running rigid as well as foldable crates at same capacity, since you do not have to stack or organize crates before drying. Stacked rigids in a stack centrifuge would take out up to 90% capacity because only few rigids would fit in a certain stack height and more cycles, including time for in and out feed, would be required. Crates of sorted and unsorted height, as unfolded foldables and rigids of various height, can be established to run randomly and mixed at equal capacity since each spinner can become adaptable to each crate presented. Such principle is also suitable for customers where goods sometimes have to be filled into the crates coming directly from a line of washing and drying - e.g. industrial bakeries - for which reason having dry crates only as stacked and maybe even folded is not always sensible.

  • Optimal degree of freedom as to crate type, work and operation flow around washing and drying processes, as where and how in a layout to do sorting, opening/closing, de-/stacking. Also instead of maybe having to fold, sort and stack, e.g. pool crates, in a wet slippery area, before drying, we can dry... and then sorting and folding (also if done manually at less automated sites) can be done afterwards in a dry floor environment which is also a safer area for personnel to work in.

  • Since we engage a number of in line spinner cells, each with a nominal capacity of 0 - 1250 crates/h for the Reflex and 0 - 750 crates/h for the Overlap, we can satisfy the customer with a "low" capacity unable to justify the price of alternative centrifugal systems - just as well as e.g. a 3000 crates/hour wash line could be set up as 4 overlapping spinner cells each running 750 crates/h. The Overlapping Serial Spinner System can be prepared for and extended with more "plug and play" spinners if there is a chance that capacity on a given site might increase later. Our systems are broadly applicable where the best drying results, low energy consumption and least noise is preferred, which becomes more and more the case, also where you would have - or already have - installed e.g. a traditional 2 or 4 blower system before.

  • Exchanging existing blow dryers - after existing washers - is conveniently done by these systems, since not stacking or sorting has to be integrated in the surrounding layout in order to work.


  • Sanitube Spinner Systems consume about 1:10 electricity compared to a similar dimensioned blow dryer - and at similar investment cost price. For example a 5000 crate/h installation will consume app. 12 kW/h. A traditional blow dryer for similar capacity will be dimensioned for 80 - 160 kW/h depending on crate type, such traditional solution still without excellent drying being achievable on some crates.

  • Even with the reduced consumption our new system dries to excellence, down to 0-2 grams/crate, depending on type of crate and anyway better on all crate types than any existing dryer (blow dryer or centrifugal), meaning that the remaining water film left - if any - will almost immediately evaporate with the temperature of the newly washed crate.

  • Noise level is dramatically reduced by the absence of blowers compressing high volume of air through fan and fan blades and of air from air knives hurling around edges and corners of crates.

  • Sanitube spinners run with reduced weight (1 crate + 1 light weight fixture) on each servo drive so that it executes only little wear and tear on components and requires only minimum service in favor of maximum up time. That being said the Overlapping Serial Spinner System offers the advantage that if some component of a spinner breaks than this spinner can be disconnected, by-passed, component taken out, serviced or exchanged while others in line are still drying, to keep the wash and handling line around and the present crew working. Or even an entire spare part spinner with all its components already in place can be plugged in during planned service on the one taken out. With a multiple drive : single crate approach (vs. a single drive : multiple crate approach) the unit cost of a spinner is reduced so that even such back up unit becomes a realistic option... and an interesting option knowing the cost of complete production loss on e.g. a 5000 crate/h wash site for just a short time, not to mention for a couple of days, for unexpected service or planned maintenance.

  • Also from a capacity perspective of crates per hour - from a few hundred to several thousand - the multiple "light" drives of the Overlapping Serial Spinner System will be price competitive against single "heavy" drives. So actually on a 6000 crate/h site you can have 9 small spinners with 8 in planned 24/7/365 operation. As opposed to NOT having as much as just 1 clean/dry crate come out and accounted for during down time, if on a single drive solution. Today the Overlapping Serisl Spinner System is the drying system in the market with the most flexibility built into it.

  • All in all significant advantages coming from the Sanitube "Reflexing" Single Spinner System and the "Overlapping" Serial Spinner System.. at competitive prices of course!

Sanitube solutions are designed for highest attainable degree of customer friendliness.


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