The task of reinventing industrial container washers and dryers after more than 30 years of traditional thinking is taken on by Sanitube A/S.
Sanitube is a family owned business directed by Troels Jakobsen. During 23 years his father was the owner and developer of the worlds largest washing and handling equipment company growing it from a crew of 7 into an international organisation employing more than 200 people serving as many customers around the world. With many years of experience from working in the business between 1994 and 2006, Troels Jakobsen established a new entity "Sanitube A/S" in 2007, based on ideas and perspective on concepts and principles ruling the washing, drying and handling business ahead.
Aiming to cut costs on customer investment by improving design and manufacturing processes AND simultaneously striving for operational advantages of clever washer and dryer designs has led to a number of patented developments.
Compared to traditional washers the Sanitube tubular washer will provide significant improvement on more factors summed up by following 5:
  • Price reduced by up to 25% due to LEAN design and manufacturing processes.
  • Noise level reduced by 50% for a healthier working environment.
  • Hygienic design for maximum food safety and faster, time saving but better cleaning of machinery, also via full length tunnel top lift.
  • Modular product programme for increased flexibility.
  • Heat loss reduced by up to 40 – 70% for optimized running cost... and you save money cutting company CO2 emission, perhaps to act against further climate change! 
Compared to traditional dryers the Sanitube centrifugal dryer will provide significant improvement on more factors summed up by following 5:
  • Rigid and foldable crates, folded or unfolded, sorted or unsorted... dried immediately and individually after washing offering optimal layouts with low or high level automation around and either way this principle with the least requirement for surrounding operators and equipment.  

  • 1:10 savings on energy costs.
  • Drying results second to none (less than 1 g/crate).
  • Noise level reductions.
  • Uptime optimization. 

Short and long term competitiveness does not have a tradition of coexistence – but at Sanitube we do not only follow tradition, we also establish new tradition and better standards as we pave way to give the lowest cost per washed item! CLICK Concept in the top menu for details!